Business Experts' Academy for German Language Education, Inc.

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Welcome to our newly opened language school, focusing exclusively on high-quality German language instruction. We are centrally located in the Cityland 10 Tower 2, directly next to the German Embassy at the RCBC Plaza in Bel Air, Makati.

And although Germans do usually speak some English they have learned from school, they are not used to being approached in English and knowledge of the German language is in many cases indispensable.


We offer courses from absolute beginner up to advanced intermediate. Each course is a full time intensive course from Monday to Friday with four 45 minutes lessons per day. The four levels follow the Common European Frame Reference for Languages, set by the Council of the European Union. The different course levels are:



• apply for a position as an au pair in Germany

• obtain evidence of the language skills required to be granted a visa to join your husband or wife in Germany
• prove that you have successfully reached level A1


    • demonstrate that you have a basic knowledge of German
    • prove that you have successfully reached level A2


    • attend a preparatory course (Studienkolleg) to qualify for admission to university in Germany
    • prove that you have successfully reached level B1


    • attend a preparatory course (Studienkolleg) to qualify for admission to university in Germany
    • demonstrate an advanced knowledge of German for employment purposes
    • prepare to work in the medical sector
    • be issued with an official and internationally recognized certificate

    Each course has a duration of 6 weeks and for a successful should reserve at least 2-3 hours daily for revision and home study. Each level can be booked individually and at the end of each level there will be an internal exam for students to assess their learning progress.


    Usually it is best to learn the first steps in a new language from a person who has mastered the same path before, he knows the about the difficulties and things to consider and what to explain and how, because he had the same experience before. So, we usually employ native Filipinos as teachers for our A1 and A2 (B1) courses.

    Starting from B1 or at B2 at the latest, we switch to native German teachers, because at this stage also many questions directly about life in Germany and the culture will arise and meaningful conversations about more complex topics will constitute a major part of the classroom time. Also questions on what is typical German and what, although grammatically correct German, nevertheless sounds strange to German ears become more important.

    Unlike many other schools, which offer a large number of different languages, we are fully focused on offering the best German language courses in the Philippines. Our teaching and tuition concept is based on the most recent developments and findings in language education and completely geared towards achieving fast practically useful results. We want to enable our students to effectively communicate in the German language orally and in writing as fast as possible. So, in our classes we animate our students to actively participate, to practice their skills, to lose the fear of making mistakes. We are aiming for a fun and easygoing, but at the same time focused and concentrated learning environment. Language perfection is not our aim, making the German language a vital part of your success in life is what we want! Let’s do it together!...

          Translations and Interpreting Services

    In addition to our German language courses, BEAGLE Inc. offers translation and interpreting services for the languages English and German. 

    Whereas other companies offer services in various languages, we are proud to focus on this language pair alone, thus ensuring to always render high-quality results.

    The list of translators issued by the German embassy may be extensive; however, most of the people listed are no certified translators, so their translations will not be accepted by German authorities. We guarantee that all BEAGLE Inc. translations will be fully accepted by all German authorities in all German Federal States, and can be used for whatever purpose you might need them for. Mr. Hansmeyer is also entitled to appear in authorities and courts.

    Our office is located directly next to the German Embassy. As we know how stressfull Manila traffic can be and that many of our clients come from far away provinces, we offer a one-stop-service. You just need to send us the scanned copies of your documents, and you can pick them up from us just before your appointment with the German Embassy.  So no additional travel and hassle for you.

    We charge a fixed rate per standard line of 50 characters and on an hourly basis for interpreting services. This includes all work to be done. No hidden costs - transparency and accuray are a priority to us, and we want you to know what you have to expect right from the start! 

    For a quote for a translation please send us a scanned copy of the documents and you will receive a binding quote within hours.

    Zusätzlich zu unseren Deutschkursen bietet BEAGLE Inc. Übersetzungs- und Dolmetschleistungen für die Sprachen Englisch und Deutsch an.

    Andere Unternehmen bieten diese Leistungen in einer Vielzahl verschiedener Sprachen an, wir hingegen sind stolz auf unsere Spezialisierung auf dieses Sprachpaar durch die wir sicherstellen, jederzeit Ergebnisse von höchster Qualität zu liefern.

    Die von der deutschen Botschaft ausgegebene Liste von Übersetzern mag umfangreich sein, die meisten der auf der Liste genannten Personen sind jedoch keine vereidigten Übersetzer und von ihnen gefertigte Übersetzungen werden von deutschen Behörden nicht anerkannt. Wir garantieren, dass alle von der BEAGLE Inc. gefertigten Übersetzungen von allen deutschen Behörden und in allen deutschen Bundesländern anerkannt werden und dementsprechend für alle von Ihnen benötigten Zwecke verwendet werden können. Darüber hinaus ist Herr Hansmeyer zum Auftreten vor Behörden und Gerichten ermächtigt.

    Unser Büro befindet sich direkt neben der deutschen Botschaft. Da wir uns darüber im Klaren sind, wie stressig der Verkehr in Manila sein kann und dass viele unserer Kunden aus weit enfernten Provinzen kommen, bieten wir Ihnen deshalb einen One-Stop-Service. Senden Sie uns einfach eine gescannte Kopie Ihrer Dokumente und Sie können die Übersetzungen direkt vor Ihrem Termin mit der deutschen Botschaft bei uns abholen. So sparen Sie sich viel Zeit und Ärger.

    Unsere Festpreise für Übersetzungen werden auf Grundlage von einer Standardzeile mit 50 Zeichen berechnet, Dolmetschleistungen berechnen wir pro Stunde. Diese Preise umfassen alle mit dem Auftrag einhergehenden Arbeiten. Es gibt keine versteckten Kosten - Transparenz und Genauigkeit werden bei uns groß geschrieben und es ist uns wichtig, dass Sie von Beginn an wissen, womit Sie zu rechnen haben.

    Um eine Preisangabe für Ihre Übersetzung zu erhalten, senden Sie uns einfach eine gescannte Kopie der zu übersetzenden Dokumente und Sie erhalten binnen weniger Stunden ein verbindliches Angebot.