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Germany with its 80 Million inhabitants is the strongest economy in Europe and the fourth biggest economy in the world. It has been the leading exporting nation of the world for decades now and its cars, machines and technology is famous and in high esteem all over the world. At the same time, like many rich and mature countries it faces a severe population crisis with an aging population and dramatically low birth rates. The average age of the German population is now 46 years (in Philippines barely 24 years) and many Germans are approaching the pension age, leaving the workforce and requiring care. So, after decades of being a closed country for migration Germany is now opening up with force and offering a huge opportunity.


And although Germans do usually speak some English they have learned from school, they are not used to being approached in English and knowledge of the German language is in many cases indispensable.

We see ourselves as your reliable and efficient partner for the realization of the dreams of your life in connection with Germany and the German language. As a company being jointly owned by a Filipino and a German partner we understand both cultures and love to see these two great people build a stronger partnership for a brighter future and want us and our students to play a positive role in this. So contact us and embark on the adventure of your lifetime!

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